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The story of us

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Metalforming Technology SA build and manufacture top-of-the-range machinery according to the highest specifications. These machines are specifically built for the South African market and is used in the manufacturing of building products, roofing, door framing, flashings, bullnosing, purlins.

Our aim is to supply machines to the industry that conform to the highest quality standards and provide manufacturers with the ability to compete with the best in the world today in their respective industries.

Our Suppliers and Partners

Our suppliers have been sourced in their various fields having to conform to a wide spectrum of criteria. We have opted to align with machine manufacturers that have a proven track record and companies that have successfully supplied machines globally, where new technology, quality, speed and precision are of vital importance.


Samco Machinery has provided rollforming machine solutions to the building, construction, automotive, and appliance industries around the globe. Samco manufactures un-coilers, de-coilers, rollform dies and presses for the rollforming industry. An entire line can be automated with rapid change features to switch from one profile to another at the push of a button. All our rollformers are manufactured with plug and play features for easy and quick installation!


Machines are one of the leading producers of shears (guillotine) and folding machines for sheet metal working. These CNC machines are designed to manufacture the most intricate and detailed profiles.


Has 50 years of experience in the deforming and processing of section bars, and sheet metal. More than 30 different models are available including presses, notching machines, bending machines, punching machines.


The Bronx Group provides Coil Processing Line Solutions to steel and aluminium companies worldwide. Bronx are world innovators in design, manufacture and technology of Colour Coating Lines, Galvanizing Metal Coating Lines, Chemical Paint Coaters and Thermal equipment like Paint Ovens, Oxidisers, Incinerators

Meet our CEO


Greg Fuchsloch



Greg Fuchsloch has 25 years’ experience in the steel profiling, cutting, punching and processing of steel from Automotive parts to straight forward profilling applications. His experience from the setting up of steel processing operations, to understanding of the requirements to produce and supply the best quality product in this industry.
He started by producing and manufacturing accessory products used in the Roofing Industry. Together with his technical background he introduced a number of machine products into the South African market.

He recognized a need for expertise in the Rollforming industry in South Africa and started Metalforming Technology SA in 2007. He secured agencies and mandates from numerous international companies to supply machinery for various steel producing and part manufacturing companies.

He was involved in the development of the steel frame industry in South Africa together with Dietrichs in the USA to build schools, modular hotels, clinics and hospitals. This required extensive knowledge in machinery and manufacturing processes used to produce steel parts that needed roll forming.
Greg travelled to numerous countries around the world in pursuit of machinery ideal for South African conditions. This using South African steel and taking into consideration the level of expertise available in the country. Together with the understanding that one needed to look at modernizing the manufacturing operations, to keep up with global trends. This meant creating partnerships with top rated companies like SAMCO in Canada, SCHECHTL in Germany, SIMASV in Italy and ILKWANE in Korea and Brother Union in China just to name a few.
While promoting these products, he decided to investigate building some of the smaller low-cost machines required in the industry, in our factory in Cape Town.

Metalforming Technology SA not only became a supplier of machinery to various sectors of the steel industry, but also a manufacturer. However, as time went by, he soon realized we could no longer compete against the Chinese in the area of building machinery locally. The costs were simply too high on components and subsequently he formed a partnership with a leading Company in the machine building industry in China. This meant he could now build top end quality machinery, using highly qualified skilled labour and experience with the components and specifications levels according to specific requirements.

Greg and his partners started building a number of these lines that would have normally been sourced from European or American companies at a fraction of the price.

With the added knowledge gained over the years of supplying rollforming machinery into the local market, he started doing business with other African countries, as well as companies in the Middle East.

Many of these machines supplied were to the roofing industry, window and door framing industry, decking, stud and trac and steel section industry. This was to produce IBR, Corrugated, Wide Deck and Concealed Fix Roofing panels, Ridge Cap and Barge Board, Purlins, Steel Windows and Doors, Stud and Trac, Scaffolding, Rainwater Goods, Precipitator Panels, and many other accessory items. We also built and supplied machinery to manufacture many of the peripheral accessories and products used in the roofing industry.

Greg Fuchsloch is involved in the setting up of many new companies that were moving into steel manufacturing businesses and the building material supply market.
Metalforming Technology SA supplied companies such as Toyota, Trident Steel, Donn products, Lafarge, Defy, Essa steel, Robor, Steelrode, Corrline, Geecom, Proroof, Algoa Steel, Drum Company, Dura Steel, JCP, Augusta Profiles, Inprofile and many others with machinery to produce steel products from Automotive to Building products.

He assisted with startup businesses, from floor planning, personnel requirements to the setting up of the factories for many businesses over the past decades.
Greg constantly keeps up to date with developments throughout the world with any new products and technology by visiting numerous factories and machinery shows throughout the world.

Greg Fuchsloch has built relationships with owners, business associates and supply companies throughout these industries, including the material suppliers to the steel profiling industry.

His experience in the steel industry in the past 25 years has equipped him with the knowledge and the experience that is very pertinent to this industry.

One of Greg Fuchsloch Goals
“My partners and I are considering setting up a fitment, assembly and manufacturing operation in Cape Town, so to eventually train local semi-skilled people into proper machine building, through the transfer of skills. This would allow us to export quality machinery to many countries throughout the world. This is the ultimate vision.”
Because of the limitations and lack of expertise and experiences in the machine building industry we will always supply certain machinery produced by our various partners throughout the world.

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