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Flashings & Closures

Flashings & Closures

Sidewall Flashing – Is used in waterproofing the sheet which ends, runs and seals a parapet. Used in conjunction with either a steel or a membrane type counterflashing.

Headwall Flashing – To waterproof the top end of the sheet where it butts with a parapet or headwall. Used in conjunction with either a steel or membrane type counterflashing.

Counter Flashing – In conjunction with head- & sidewall flashing. It is partially recessed into the wall to complete the waterproofing process.

Soaker Flashing – If a roof penetration is close to a ridge capping (or flashing above the penetration), you can fit a simple flat tray on top of the roofing so that it extends from under the capping down to a sleeve around the penetration.

Valley Flashing – Used as a gully between two adjoining roof planes.

Broad Flute Closers -To birdproof and dustproof a roof. Installed below flashings such as ridge or headwall.

Narrow Flute Closers – To birdproof and dustproof a roof. Fitted below ends of roof sheets at gutter ends.

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